Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate

Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate

How much time per day do you think you could save by automating some of your daily tasks? Automation can allow you to save money, reduce time spent on tasks, and can even increase the number of leads coming in. Here are a few different types of automation that are commonplace in various industries.

File Backups

According to a poll from Blackblaze, 30 percent of people surveyed never backup their computer. Think about what would happen if your hard drive died or someone stole your mobile device. If you find that you don’t have time to back up your work, look into solutions that can backup data for you. iDrive is a popular option as it can help you backup mobile devices and social media accounts in addition to your laptop or desktop.

Accounting & Invoicing

Programs like Intuit Quickbooks can save you hours of time. Automating some of your accounting can help you become more organized, and categorize your transactions across all relevant bank accounts. Automating accounting will make reporting on your spending easier, and will allow you to wisely manage bills and maximize deductions come tax season.

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

While marketing has a very human component to it, you can automate some of the reporting that you send to clients, or do things like send welcome emails to customers automatically. If you’re looking for some help with turning prospects into leads and followers, look into tools like Hubspot and Marketo. These tools can help you generate easy-to-understand email reports, monitor your social media channels, and more.

Finding a Time to Meet

How many times have you gone back and forth via email to discuss a meeting time? Save both you and your guests’ time. Apps like Doodle and NeedToMeet allow you to enter meeting details and suggest what times you’d be available to meet. You’ll receive notifications once your guest selects his or her times, and it can be done on various platforms.

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